Aged Barnwood Look with Pioneer Woods

One of my most favorite rooms, the office!

This by far is one of my most favorite projects that we did in the Cypress House and we plan on doing the same thing in the Mimosa House!!! It’s affordable, looks great, and most of all easy (if you have a little patience).

Pioneer woods is a staple in out house.  It’s an amazing product created by an amazing family in Montana!  Their company is much like Pixie owned and operated!!!

The product is designed to do the work for you.  No silly jars of smelly vinegar and steel wool, this stuff you just add water and a little sunshine (here in Florida that is never an issue) and in a few days or a few weeks you have something pretty AWESOME!!!  This is more of a photo tutorial, as it’s hard describe in words the results!  🙂


(Photo Credit: Maria Revollo M&B Furniture & Decor).  Here is some pioneer woods applied to 3 different types of wood after a few hours.  You can see that different wood gives you different results!  The photo shows the gallon size, however we used just a quart for our desk tops!  You can purchase Pioneer Woods here at Pixie Dust! 

If you would like a tutorial on how to use it step by step, please visit this post at!

For our desk we purchased three 2x12x12 boards at Home Depot for just about $60.

Then propped them up outside and added pioneer wood to them!  We were smarter this time around to get them further up off the ground so that our naughty pug didn’t pee on them!  See hometalk post for that story!  HAHA!

Above Photo: 1 Day Bake…..

Here is the final results after an 8 day bake in the sun.  This is where the patience part comes in at.  For us we didn’t need the boards right away, we had a room to paint and shiplap to put up!


While the boards were baking, we worked on getting all the logistics in place for the desk. We hung a 2×4 on the wall for support!  This is very important because these boards are very heavy!



Another look at pre-bake and post-bake results!!!  🙂


As you can see above we used very rustic and simple framing of the bookshelves!  Some standard common boards in the widths and lengths cut to the heights we needed!  See drawing below for the plans that were posted in Part 1!  🙂

We attached these brackets to screw the right wing and left wing to the center island part.  Again it’s important that your desk is SOLID!!!  It’s going to be holding computers, pugs, and kids!  🙂


A work in progress!!!  You can see the dogs sleep and we work!  Next step after the install of the boards is to seal the tops with some Polycryclic!  And paint the book case white!


Polycrylic in Satin finish!  Can’t go wrong with this product….ever! It always does a beautiful job, dries to the touch in 15 minutes, and you can use after 12 hours!!!  On the left is after polycrylic, on the right is before!  EKKKK!  So pretty!


Rug is down and things are starting to come into their own!!!


You can see we added another bookshelf to use some of the wall height!!!  WE JUST LOVE THIS ROOM!!!!

SO I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING????  What would I use Pioneer Woods V.S. Stain? GREAT question!!!!  First of all, I love stain.  I love how quick it is (sometimes), how pretty it “CAN” be and with the right wood it’s amazing.  I also know it smells bad, you can have not so good results, and sometimes the drying time SUCKS!!!  Stain is great if you are working with expensive flawless wood like a black walnut or cherry oak.  But when you are working with el-chepo wood, staining it can be a bitch!  I love that pioneer wood is like drying water to wood.  It’s never sticky, it doesn’t come off, and it’s like Christmas morning, you never know what your “bake” will result in.  I have been using PW for about 2 years now and I’m always looking for ways to bring it into my home!  So to really answer your question…it’s just a preference.


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