Amazon Beaded Light Hack!

Another view of the office!

We always see “IKEA HACKS” on pinterest, but I think it’s time we look outside of the square box (literally) and find other ways to make home decor more affordable. One of the most expensive upgrades to any home next to appliances is lighting.  Why are fixtures so expensive?  They hold a light bulb for crying out loud!

Anyway, lighting can make or break a room and honestly it can make all the difference in a room. During The Cypress House home office remodeling project I was on a mission to find better lighting for the space.  The room is good size (not huge, but not small), 11×14 to be exact but it has 9.5′ ceilings and that right there can be a challenge.   How do I light up all the space, not just down lighting but the entire room?!?!?  After a few hours (ok maybe weeks) on Pinterest I fell head over heels in LOVE with beaded chandeliers, but most of the ones that were 5-7 lights were causing my heart to race when I saw the pricing.  If the site says “add to cart to see price”….It’s probably not in my budget!  I know I should never do this to myself, but we decided to take a trip to Restoration Hardware, you know to get some “ideas”!  To me walking in that store is like RH is letting your first love slip away (in my case my first love was a 1988 VW Scirocco).  It’s always an eye opening experience when in my head I could spend about 250k in a matter of 15 minutes!  Well during that visit was the mother of all mother beaded chandelier! It was spectacular in every way and it was also $4200!!!  What the ?!?!?!?!?!

I’m pretty sure that even if I won the 19 trillion dollar powerball jackpot that I would never in a billion year spend that kind of money on a LIGHT!  Is it pretty??  YES!  But I’m crazy frugal and that is just not happening!  After the depressing trip to RH, I went to Home Depot!  I found a nice option that I could see working but again $689?!?!?!?  FOR A LIGHT!!!  I went home feeling sorry for myself and back to looking at cheap lighting until I could come to spending $600 for a light.  Here were some of the $600 knock off RH lights!


Then for once I’m going to say Thank you FACEBOOK…..You know when you are looking for something in google and then magically an ad appears on the right side of your facebook page?  Well for once it was something I wanted!!!  A light!!!  Ok, now the light was the size (8 bulbs), it was the style, but the color of the beads was terrible.  AMAZON FOR THE WIN!!!! YES PLEASE!  I own a paint company surely I can paint it!  So about 3 days later she arrived!!!








I received a box filled with hundreds of BEADS!!!!



Ugggg. Who’s idea was this?!?!?  First I tried to chalk paint them….EPIC fail, then I tried to use a gel stain on them, another fail and then I got mad.  See the beads have this “slick” plastic like coating on them and when I went to hang them to “dry” the paint and stain came sliding off.  I guess the laws of gravity were my enemy for this project.  Then my mother comes along passing me by in the driveway as I was kicking, screaming, and saying the f-word because it made me feel better (ohh and I had visions of driving my ticked off self to Home Depot and dropping $600 on a light), but mom said a few words to me “honey why don’t you spray paint them”!  Ohh sure Mom come along and ruin my plan to make them a luxurious tobacco brown beaded light for my budget makeover!  So off to Home Depot I went.  I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t stop off at the lighting department…..I did!  Then I said “third times a charm right??” I was back home with my arsenal…..2 cans of Rust-oleum Metallic Paint and Primer in Flat Chestnut!


I had to spray my test piece to make sure I could get it to stick to the beads (I’m trying to avoid stripping the coating off 100’s of little beads).  Sure enough it was Magic, and exactly what I wanted!!!  Spraying them was tricky and took several days.  I would have to spray one side and let it sit and the next day roll the beads and continue on until they were covered.  2 cans did all of them and I must say the results are magical!

Finally this weekend my PITA (pain in the ass) beaded light was hung and I must say it’s the prettiest thing I have ever seen! I’m so in love with her and so thankful that my Mom could talk me out of ditching the entire project and that I can think outside the box when it comes to saving a few pennies.  Even though $191 is a lot of money, for this kind of lighting that was goodwill pricing!!(BTW, what’s up with the prices at the goodwill these days?!?  I guess I will save that for another blog post).


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