Engagement Photos-A trip to the Queen Mary, Long Beach California

For those of you who know Johnathan and I personally, know that traveling and anything vintage is a huge part of our lives.  In May of 2013, J and I took our first trip together to L.A. and stayed aboard one of the most beautiful representations of Art Deco I have ever seen, the Queen Mary.  The QM is really breathtaking and I’m not sure if its just the nostalgic feel or perhaps its the spirits that live aboard (yes is VERY haunted and VERY cool…especially when they pass by you).   Since that day in May, I have had the pleasure of staying on board three times and each time it just gets better and better.  When trying to figure out where to have our Engagement photos done it was impossible to head back to London and pay another visit to St. Paul’s Cathedral, so where else, our home away from home in Long Beach, California!  (A little secret–we actually wanted to have our wedding there but didn’t want to tick off a bunch of people with long distance traveling, so The Powel Crosley was our runner up and we are thrilled it was available).

So after a bit of planning we are could not be more thrilled with the results of our two hour shoot with a photographer by our side, on a ship that we both love and adore!  Hope you enjoy a little look into our lives with these photos, it’s very hard for us to be so serious (and as you can see we can’t keep a serious face if we tried)!  And the next time you want a long weekend away and something to reset your soul, please keep this gem in mind.

A special thank you to Alexa from Bright Bird Photography.  We sort of didn’t tell her that we were both photographers at some point in our lives, but it didn’t take her long to catch on when you start to take control of the shoot.  I used to hate people like me!!!!  Thank you Alexa for your patience and your photos surpassed our expectations, you have an amazing gift. And lastly, a special thanks to the most amazing hair and makeup artist in Southern California, Jamie!  It is always a treat to have you by my side and make me look like something that I never thought was possible.  Only in Southern Cali does your hair and makeup look this good!  Love you and hope to see you next year!