How to get a “Barn Wood” look….

I did my first V-Blog last night on Facebook and I always forget how much fun I have being in front of people sharing, learning, and chit-chatting.  Even though the purpose of my live video is for “sharing” I often find while doing them, I’m also LEARNING.  Yes, I have been painting for over 30 years now, however there is no such thing as a “know-it-all” (at least when it comes to painting).  Each project is different and each one will give you a new set of skills.  So with that said here is my “learn as I go” tutorial on how to create that “Barn-Wood” look on a budget.

My Victim:  Dining Room Floors

Dining Room. We will try and save the floors! How about that awesome light fixture?!?

30 Years ago I’m sure these floors were amazing and beautiful, but today not so much.  They’re badly damaged from water, life, and god knows what else.  The dining room is a must have staple in our home as it’s where all the action happens when we have guests over.  We had little options expect rip them out and start over or try and be el-cheapo and give them a new life.  We chose the el-cheapo option and I decided to try my luck and stain them to look like barn wood!

See the terrible water stain on the middle of the floor. It’s so bad. 🙁

There are so many variations of barn wood and I talk about that in the video.  It depends on the wood, the climate, and of course age.  To me barn wood should be dark and “ashy” with some red hues.  So check out our how too on this Facebook V-Blog and feel free to comment, share, and ask if you have any questions!


WATCH THE FACEBOOK  VIDEO HERE (and you wont hurt my feelings if you skip over all my gibber jabber, especially the last 20 minutes…LOL). 


Project List:

-Synthetic Brush:  My brushes of choice are Cling-on brushes.  They are the best in the business.

-Pure Home Wood Stain in Teak, Weathered Wood, and Jett

Here are some up close photos and once the entire floor is done we will have some more pics of the finished product and room!!!

Brushes are ready to work!
First Coat of “Teak”
Adding a little bit of “Jett” and “Weathered Wood” to create that distressed look.
Making progress….


Enjoy the Video and Stay Tuned for the final room reveal coming soon!  🙂


P.S. Please note that these are NOT sponsored links and I don’t receive any portion of the sales.  However some of the products were provided at no cost to demonstrate.  All views and opinions in the video and this post are 100% my own.



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