An intro to the Mimosa House….

Today is the most perfect day to make my first post in over 4 years and it’s also the day of the most epic ROYAL WEDDING!!  I know you are so sick of hearing about it…. Well this girl is not!!  I love everything about this wedding and what is stands for and just the sight of seeing two people who are so different and how they can be so happy…that kind of love makes you smile!  I’m not here today to talk about Royals (actually someday I will do a post on the Royals and how I would like to give them a grand makeover and bring their decorating style into this century, but that’s not for today)!!!

Today, I’d like to give you a little update on this massive project we have decided to take on.  I have a lot of respect or maybe it’s called jealously for people who have the time (and money) to come in and gut out a house and get it done in like 4 weeks and then move in.  But something tells me that’s only for the super blessed and the those on HGTV. Us common folk, have to make sacrifices and live in a house while it’s pretty much being rehabbed during all the hours that you eat, sleep, and play! It’s sucks and I don’t really recommend it, but welcome to my Perfectly Chaotic Home, we wouldn’t want it any other way.


Let’s get the name out of the way…I know you are wondering why we call it the “Mimosa House” and it’s not what you think.  I’m pretty sure you have visions of us sitting on the front porch sipping away on our Sunday morning mimosa, but ummmm no!  Over the past few years, I have fallen in love with a tree called a “Mimosa Tree” often called a Powder Puff Tree or Silk Tree.  In the Cypress house I had 5 Mimosa’s and I was very sad that we had to leave them behind.  Florida is a tough climate for any type of tree or flower. We can have tropical or desert like conditions literally anytime of the year. Vegetation will stay green here but it’s hard to keep flowers blooming all year round.  The Mimosa Tree loves Florida weather, it blooms 10-12 months out of the year, it’s fast growing, and can withstand pretty much anything from freezing temps to 120 degrees and because it has a “soft” trunk it fairs very well in hurricane’s as long as it’s established (2-3 years).  It also is a tree that appears to be “living”, at night the leaves close up and it goes to sleep and in the morning they open up to start their day of feeding the birds and the bees who cross pollinate to make them grow bigger, faster, and prettier. Here’s what they kind of look like:  (Photo Credits:

And the silky pink blooms…..

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My plan with this house is to rip out all the ugly bushes that hide the pretty porch and plant 5 mimosa trees that will bloom beautiful pink fluffy flowers all year round that attract humming birds and bees (a vital part of having a gorgeous yard). Why 5 trees?  Well I believe in odd numbers and 3 is too few and 7 is too many!!! You will see I like to do everything on the “odd” side. Another plus about Mimosa trees..they are not very well liked in Florida, they can be invasive if owners of them don’t clean up their pods as they can spread like wild fire!  Me personally… I always clean up my pods and if my yard begins to look like the Lorax, I would say “mission accomplished”…remember I don’t like to be normal, I like things chaotic.  So clearly this tree defines our life perfectly!


It seems like we closed on the house an eternity ago but in reality it’s only been 3 long weeks.  During that time, we have manged to fill the garage with more boxes than I can count and I’m almost certain they contain a bunch of crap we don’t need.  So each box will be carefully opened, sorted, and appropriate items will be donated or tossed and I refuse to build a closet to store items that I will never use (yes, I did that in my old house….I need therapy). Thankfully, we have a large attic space to accommodate Halloween, it was an important factor in buying this house!!

In addition to the move itself, we have had all the carpet removed from the secondary bedrooms, and master closet.  The handicap stair transporter was removed and donated to a family in need, we managed to fill 38 bags of leaves to clean up the front of the house, gutters were unclogged, the pool has been cleaned and inspected, the kitchen sink finally drains (please don’t put grease down the drain….I know its a liquid when it’s hot, but when it gets cold it’s not and it’s gross), we have a working refrigerator but no range.  The master closet was painted–I don’t normally paint closets, but this closet is 180 sqft and the size of a bedroom (post coming soon), the flooring was put down in the closet and we have officially unpacked the closet items.


I’m not sure where to begin.  Right now we’re frantically trying to get Sebastian’s room done so he can have a non war zone space to retreat too when he is tired of listening to me say to J “hey we need to sit down and prioritize these projects” (insert eye rolls from the two men in my life). I’m also working on the dining room floors (tutorial coming soon) and the kitchen demo is suppose to start this week.  There’s just so much to do and I want it all done like 2 weeks ago, but I keep telling myself…”its ok that the laundry room has cows and pigs wallpaper border from 1992 because it makes me smile and appreciate that I can still remember 1992 and that its just not a priority right now and I happen to like cows and pigs”…


Well that is all that I have for now…I’m off to watch the replay of the Royal Wedding for the third time today… (BTW when did Prince Harry become a hottie?!?!?)





Coming Soon!!!

How to get a “Barn Wood” look….