There was once a point in my life that I had lots of time on my hands, it’s often called insomnia and I woke up one morning (after a few hours of good sleep…often a rarity) and said to myself “I’m going to start a blog about my crazy life” and “Perfectly Chaotic Life” was born! I spent several years posting my home projects, my travel ventures, the antics of my crazy son and most of all blogging about my beloved pugs. I was on a mission to share them with the world and most of all share the happiness that these four legged children gave me in a time of my life that was kind of “dark”.
In 2014 I took a break from PCL when life got even more chaotic. It was something like…girl meets boy, girl wants to move far away from the things that make her unhappy, girl builds house far away, girl has a couple crazy business ideas, girl starts two businesses and then life takes her on a crazy but happy journey– girl gets engaged, girl plans a wedding, girl gets married, and then girl decides she is ready to move AGAIN back to the place she realized made her the happiest which at one time was not so happy! Yes, this girl lives a Perfectly Chaotic Life and has found a boy that does too!
Welcome to PCL, a place for us to share our life with all our amazing followers that have been on this crazy journey with me without having to clog up my personal FB/IG pages. I’m Sarina, a mom to an amazing son, my beloved pugs and wife to the most awesome guy ever. I have a passion for people, pugs, and anything home decor. By day I work in the world of personal finance and by night I have a small paint company that has grown into something I never thought possible. It’s a business that has given me the gift of many friendships, it has given me an opportunity to share my knowledge and learn more than I could ever have time to share. It gives me the opportunity to have a creative outlet and make something old new again. But what I love most is giving an old space a new meaning, especially when the space is part of your everyday life. I hope that you enjoy this page, I hope to inspire you to be creative, think outside the box, and most of all I hope I can make you smile with all my chaos!
Peace, Love, and Pixie Dust,