Shiplap Walls for Under $100

One of my most favorite rooms, the office!

While the below tutorial is from our old “Cypress” house, its by far one of my most favorite makeovers in the past 5 years!!!  Enjoy, this is part 1 of 3!!!!

Thanks to Chip and Joanna shiplap is every homeowners dream (well almost).  It’s funny growing up in an old farm house in Oregon, shiplap was as sign that the plaster had come off the walls and it was time to either move or deal with it! When I see it on walls, I think timeless, old, traditional, and pretty.  You know I’m always preaching about creating texture in rooms and something as simple as this is a great way to start!  So here is a little tutorial on how to give a room that warm, cozy, vintage/farmhouse feel for $100.

Here is what we had to work with…..

(Sorry for the poor lighting with these photos) This room was functioning as a dog room that was also a place to hoard crafts and storage junk.  The space drove me insane and was my least favorite place to be in the house. But with a growing son and aging pugs it was time to “retire” the pug room and make it a family office.  We spent several months talking about what we wanted to do in here.  We looked at countless desk options and I think I pinned about 400 ideas on pinterest.  But the reality is, until you clean out a space it’s hard to know what you really want and most of all NEED! I don’t have an endless budget for this room, nor am I Chip and Joanna with loads of product sponsors, so basically it’s just me, Johnathan, and our local Home Depot to get this job done!  After our room was cleaned out we decided that we wanted a nautical feel to the room (minus boat stuff).  We live in a small coastal town on the Gulf side of Florida, so this is a very appropriate theme for the area.  Our house is not traditional so a traditional office was not an option!  The hardest part of this entire makeover was cleaning the room out, but once that was done we were off and running!

When doing any complete room makeover I always suggest to make a plan and draw it out!  I will also say that it will NEVER go according to plan, but if you are working alongside someone it helps to have a plan in writing to help with communication and nobody is wondering what’s inside your head!

Because we were doing shiplap on the lower half of the wall we needed to determine how many sheets of lauan (thin plywood) we would need for the entire lower half of the room.  For our room (12×14) we needed 4 sheets!


-1 Gallon Behr Paint “Starless Nights” (deep navy blue in Satin Finish)*TIP* When using ultra dark colors it is best to use top quality paint.  For this color we used the Premium Plus Ultra and it was truly one coat over the terrible aqua color.

-1 Gallon Behr Bright White (Satin Finish)

-4 Sheets Underlayment (also called Lauan) $11.99 Sheet

-5 Tubes of Liquid Nails $3.57 Tube

-1 Box 2″ Grip-Rite screws $6.47


#1: Mark off how high your shiplap will be placed.  Some painters tape works well to keep a nice straight line.  If you have an obnoxious wall color, paint the part that will be shiplap white (or the color you chose) before you place your wood.  This will keep odd colors from peaking through! If you are changing the color of the upper part too, patch up any marks and paint it as well.  Will save some time on the “trim” side!


#2:  Make marks of where your wall studs are so you can add a few screws here and there as the glue dries.  You can paint the screws white after the boards are up.

#3:  Cut all your boards.  I think this might be the worst part of the entire project.  We have a table saw and did it ourselves, but you can have Home Depot do it for you.  I would not advise going to HD on a busy Saturday morning and ask them to cut 4 sheets of wood, usually the weekday evening hours are best!  Our boards were 8″ wide and we did 6 up for a total of 48″.  Feel free to pick a size that works for your space. The smaller the space the smaller the cut.

#4: Paint the boards before going up!  Easy peezy…..just take a roller and roll it on, no cutting in!!!

#5: Apply the Liquid Nails and then place.  If you have an electrical outlet you can take a hand saw to cut around them.  The cuts don’t have to be perfect since the face plate will cover it.  *Tip* We thought we would need longer screws for the face plates or have to pull the electrical outlets forward.  But we later found out, it was not the case!

#6 Just keep working around the room and making your cuts as you go.  You can see the screws and the cuts that were made.  I did go over the shiplap with a sponge roller and white paint after we were done just to brighten it up some more.


#7 Trim!  When your room is done, you will want to use quarter round in the corners and then some cap moulding on the top.  Here are links to what we used:

2-Quarter Round (already white….less work on painting)

3-MDF Casing

*TIP*  When trimming off something like a wall, don’t limit yourself to “wall trim”.  Look at all the options.  For our office we used door casing turn upside down.  It’s cheap, looks good and nobody will know what it was suppose to be used for!  8 feet of casing usually runs about $.50 a foot VS $2 a foot+ for traditional molding. The crown molding in this room is actually 5″ wide baseboards!  We did this when we first moved in as a “trial run”.  We eventually did it in our guest bathroom and Sebastian’s bedroom.  It’s also about 80% cheaper than crown molding.


The room is starting to come along nicely!  Desk tutorial will be up soon!!!  Hope you enjoyed this little DIY!

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*This post DOES NOT contain affiliate links.  The above links are of the actual items we used and we are not receiving compensation from Home Depot or any of their affiliates.

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