In the summer of 2013, I was yearning to get out of busy Tampa and make a run for big open spaces close to the beautiful Gulf Waters of Florida!  So life brought me to an undeveloped community with beautiful views, quite roads, and fields full of cows mooing and wild boars running  when it rained.  Sounds like heaven right???  It was…..until about the fall of 2017 and the building boom of South County began.  Houses were popping up faster than we could keep track of, traffic woes grew, the cows disappeared and the pigs ran further into the Florida preserved land (what is left).  Suddenly life was no longer peaceful, it seemed chaotic, fast paced, but yet still 30 miles away from life in Tampa.  In December of 2017, a few months before our wedding, we decided that come February that is was going to be time to sell and head back to Tampa.  It was bitter sweet for us as we love living in South County, love the people we have met and we loved our house.  But time is not something we can have back and as the commutes grow longer, my time with Sebastian grew shorter.

Our house was built in early 2014, it was a big open space with lots of white everywhere!  I got a lot of flack back then for wanting an all white kitchen (ohh the thought), but fast forward 4 years and we were ahead of the game!  Here is a look at the Cypress House during the building process…



And here was the finished project nearly 4 years later!!! The official listing photos!  House sold in 72 hours with multiple offers!!!



We can’t wait to get started on the Gardenia house!!!